When Did the Left First Go Woke? When They Betrayed Black Slaves


Dr. Jacobs, a human rights campaigner and Jewish activist, was the president and research director of the American Anti-Slavery Group, an organization at the forefront of the war against modern-day black slavery in Africa. By 1997, thanks to his relentless activism and that of the heroic black journalist Sam Cotton (may his memory be a blessing), the world was slowly coming to grips with a vile fact: that Arabs and Muslims own black men, women, and children as chattel property in Mauritania and Sudan - today.

This is even more egregious when we see most of the left's characteristic inaction now that we know there is also Islamic slavery in Algeria, Libya, and Nigeria. They'd rather applaud statues of George Washington and General Grant being torn down by mobs of spoiled, ignorant children. It is always a sad day when a warning from the past comes true, and remains unheeded.

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