What Tommy Robinson told me in prison today: Ezra Levant


Ezra Levant gave this report after his visit with Tommy Robinson on Tuesday. It appears that TR is being treated with kid gloves at Belmarsh prison. The only people he's seen are the Warden, who visits him daily, the guards, and Levant - and I think his wife and Mother. No other prisoners. No Muslims. He has had a talk with the Wikileaks man, Julian Assange, in the cell above him, though they have had no visual contact. His food is prepared by the prison hospital and not by Muslims, as they did at Onley. The staff seems to like TR. He has a TV this time, visitors only 3 times a week. Everywhere he goes - to the commissary for extra food, the shower, to the exercise room, he's guarded by at least two guards. Although it's reported that the government wants TR dead, the government is making sure that nothing happens to him.