What’s God got to do with it?


The preamble of the Charter clearly states that Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the Supremacy of God. Canada's heritage as a nation under God is plainly carved on the walls of our Parliamentary buildings. They serve as a rebuke, as well as encouragement, to all Canadians, that God continues to call His people to covenant faithfulness. Canada has lost its moral and ethical compass. It's time to restore our country back to its founding principles.

You may not believe in God but possibly you have come to the point where you can no longer deny that we are in a Spiritual battle of epic proportions, between good and evil. If that is the case then it may be time for you to re-consider your position. God is a loving God but He is also a God of justice and throughout history has allowed evil to rise up for a time so that people would get their hearts right with Him.

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