What Journalists Aren’t Telling You – it is a communist inspired insurrection


In the past few days, several cities have seen chaotic rioting. Cars and buildings have been torched, looting is rampant and even the Third Police Precinct in Minneapolis was burned as officers abandoned the building. More is to come. The protests began ostensibly because of the death of George Floyd during an arrest. Systemic racism and police brutality, leftist pundits argue, is to blame. Some leftists are claiming, as they did during the Occupy Wall Street movement, that the protests have been hijacked by a violent element intent on discrediting the movement. Conservative commentators, on the other hand, speak of frustration and rage, of a reaction to the claustrophobia of weeks on end lock-down.

They all miss the mark. The violence since the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis is a communist inspired insurrection-nothing more, nothing less.

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