WH insiders accuse 'moron' Kushner of sabotaging Trump agenda


Officials inside and close to the White House are reportedly divided on whether President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner is wrecking Trump's agenda.

According to a report from the Spectator, various conservatives close to the administration agree that Kushner, counselor to the president, is disrupting Trump's agenda but are torn on whether it's because of his intellect or agenda.

"Trump has a Jared problem," said a conservative activist who works with the Trump administration on immigration. "Jared is a total f--k-up. Everything he touches turns to lead."

Officials reportedly describe Kushner as a "moron," "slow," and "not very bright" after interacting with him at policy meetings, suggesting he was unfamiliar with the nuances of immigration policy and the details of his own proposals.

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