“Wexit”– Western Canada Pushes For SEPARATION From Trudeau’s Globalist/Third World Canada


With the incredible polarization resulting from the victory for Justin Trudeau, the concept of a separate nation for the western provinces of Canada appears to be growing, viable concept.

One look at the "colour map" which details the MP wins and losses provides tangible evidence of a near-total split between political sentiment in Eastern and Western Canada.

CAP are not here to espouse the break-up of Canada. In some respects, we find this irresponsible. What we will attempt to do is offer an interpretation of this growing phenomenon, and its place within the political narrative of our country.

First of all, the entire province of Alberta went blue conservative. This is itself is symbolic of a comprehensive dislike of Trudeau and his Eastern-Globalist cultural assassins. Therefore, the wise thing to do-along with an actual exercise in true democracy(Trudeau doesn't indulge), is for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to hold a province-wide referendum on his province abandoning federation, and establishing an independent nation for themselves.

Good idea? Possibly.

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