Wexit party granted eligibility for next federal election


Voters could be allowed to cast their ballot for the western separatist Wexit Canada party in the next federal election.

Elections Canada granted eligibility to the party Friday, which will allow Wexit to get its party name on the ballot and issue tax receipts for political contributions.

Speaking at a rally in Edmonton held at the Alberta legislature on Saturday, party leader Peter Downing said the decision concluded a year-long effort to establish a legitimate political entity.

"[The Reform Party's] slogan was 'The West Wants In,'" Downing said. "Our slogan is, 'The West Wants Out.'"

The party says it plans to nominate 104 candidates to federal ridings in four provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

It also plans to compete in every western byelection between now and the next general election.

"With the expected seats we're going to win in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the Conservative Party of Canada will never govern again," Downing said.

Supporters of Wexit attended a rally in Edmonton held at the Alberta legislature on Saturday. (CBC Edmonton)

Elections Canada says Wexit Canada will be officially registered when a returning officer in an election or byelection confirms Wexit's first endorsed candidate.

The party's stated goal is to push for a referendum that would withdraw Alberta from Confederation. From there, the party plans to establish its own defence force, police and currency, and elect a president of Alberta.

The group also hopes to run candidates at the provincial level in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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