Were the Democrats behind Facebook's phony hate-group list?


Not a single U.S.-based group listed was non-white. Where are the black groups, for instance? Despite having committed numerous acts of overtly racist violence, groups like the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party, the Nubian Nation of Moors, and the Black Hebrew Israelites have all managed to stay in Zuckerberg's good books and keep their accounts. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center includes each of these groups on its hate list.

That the Democrats in government could be pushing Facebook to do things they can't do constitutionally would, of course, be against the law. This is what former president Trump is cleverly alleging in his case against Twitter. As he rightly claims in his suit, a state encouraging, even covertly, a private actor to violate what would otherwise be permissible under the First Amendment has long been deemed unlawful state action under Supreme Court precedent.

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