We Say Goodbye to Another Great Canadian: Martin Collacott


On behalf of Martin's colleagues at the former Centre for Immigration Policy Reform, we say goodbye to an extraordinary Canadian citizen.

The challenges presented by mass immigration renders an enormous loss for those of us who remain concerned about this issue, while for those of us who had the privilege of working with him on a regular basis, his friendship and support will be dearly missed.

Needless to say, his vast knowledge and expertise in immigration policy was indispensable to our efforts as was his conscientious, fair-minded and, often, humorous approach. As his friend and colleague James Bissett has noted, he was, by every measure, an extraordinary public servant and citizen.

Canada has lost a man of great integrity whose views were shaped by his concern for the future of our country. His efforts will not have been in vain as his ideas live on through his many publications and with the members of the Centre for Immigration Reform and many in the public whose thinking he has influenced.

Rest in peace Martin. We will all miss you very much.