WE Organization Paid Justin Trudeau’s Mother & Brother Over $280,000


Regular Canadians, you and I, would be taken to the woodshed by the government for anything even close to this, and those in power must not be allowed to continue evading justice when they treat our tax dollars like their own personal playthings. We will need criminal investigations into this.

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Letter to PM from one of our members:

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: The WE contract from which it is alleged you and your family have directly benefitted.

I wish you to be aware WE Conservatives and concerned taxpayers are quite capable of thinking, paying attention and doing math.

  • It was published that 35,000 students could receive grants from $1,000 to a maximum of $5,000.
  • You awarded $930,000,000 to an off-shore company.
  • Why did management of the grants have to be administered by anyone other than Canadians right here in Canada?

Now to the nefarious question of how $930,000,000 is to be distributed, bearing in mind the maximum $5,000 to any one student.

$930,000,000 divided by 35,000 equals approximately $26,571/student.

35,000 multiplied by $5,000 equals $175,000,000 assuming all students received $5,000 which we know they would not.

$930,000,000 minus $175,000,000 equals $755,000,000

Would you please explain how you can justify $755,000,000 to manage and distribute $175,000,000?

The distribution cost would of course be much more, a higher percentage, noting not all students would receive the max $5,000.

Signed: KD - A concerned citizen and taxpayer.