We now have two national crises, and Parliament has abdicated its responsibility


Suspending the House of Commons during the COVID-19 pandemic and a horrifying crisis in the care of Canada's elderly is utterly reprehensible. It is really far past time that the gutting and sidelining of Canada's Parliament, the castration of the House of Commons, during what is now a double crisis - COVID-19, and the care of the elderly - be blasted and condemned for the shameless and cowardly abdication of debate and accountability that it is.

Here's the rule to follow: If you don't want to be in the House of Commons, then resign from it. Imitate the military. Show some honour. This rule should apply to all 338. Here's the shorter version: Get back or get out.

Great thanks to the Canadian military for being swift and direct and effective in declaring what they saw in nursing homes. Thank God they are not "suspended" until September. There is honour left in at least one Canadian institution.

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