We Are All Truckers Now


In this Government vs. The People standoff, we will win. Elites have nothing but disdain for the very people they depend on to live-people who work with their hands so the elites don't have to; who build their homes and buildings; manufacture just about everything they need; repair their electrical, plumbing, and heating systems; install their AC and repair their cars; care for their kids; deliver their food, fuel, building supplies, new ovens, whatever. Teachers, nurses, gas station attendants. The very people the left claims to care about are now domestic terrorists and racists. We'll survive but the elites will fall apart.

This is our "let's roll" moment. The truckers gave us this moment. Let's not squander it because we are too busy or too scared. And we are legion. This movement is international and, unlike a worldwide Marxist movement, it's a force for good. Truckers of the world, unite!

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