Wake Up, Westerner! Brainwashing, Dumbing-Down, and Rootlessness


Where does it come from, this sabotaging of the human mind, all this rat-nibbling at our brains? Perhaps it should be described as psychological warfare, psy-ops - but applied toward our fellow citizens, not to an external enemy. A parallel would be the Zersetzung ("decomposition") of the mind, once used by the State Security Service (Staatssicherheitsdienst, SSD), commonly known as Stasi, the spy network in Communist East Germany - subliminal tricks to get victims to doubt their sanity, to start losing their minds. The Stasi routine: someone enters the victim's home, a few items are moved around, a few items are stolen, he receives some disgusting phone calls about his spouse or his children, his friends drift away. Seeds of doubt are sown, pressuring him to deny the obvious, to such an extent that he becomes a basket case.

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