Virtue signaling at its sickest to prove they’re not Islamophobes, millions of Brits gang up on a helpless teen


Take the case of Bailey McLaren, a 16-year-old working-class boy from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. In November, footage of him jumping Jamal, a 15-year-old Syrian-born classmate, in the schoolyard, apparently in October, went viral. Although nobody was seriously harmed in the fracas, the British media rushed to report at length on it. Because Bailey held Jamal down while pouring a bottle of water on his face, he was described as having committed an act of "waterboarding." Because Jamal was Syrian, Bailey's action was characterized as "racist."

As a consequence of the nationwide coverage of the schoolyard scuffle, Jamal received what the Mail called "a huge outpouring of support" from all over Britain. Total strangers reached out. The Huddersfield Town Supporters' Association invited him to a football match. Jamal was offered a free lifetime membership at a Dublin gym and a training course at a gym in Bradford. BBC talking head Jake Humphrey said he'd foot the bill for a trip by Jamal to see his favorite soccer team play. Somebody even set up a GoFundMe page for Jamal. It's already raked in over £100,000.

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Tommy Robinson discusses the case of Bailey McLaren and tells the real story:

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