VIDEO: Lethbridge cops 1; Stormtroopers 0


A Star Wars-theme promotion ended badly Monday when armed cops took down a Stormtrooper - hard. On May the 4th, the Lethbridge, Alberta police with assault rifles drawn brutally attack a young lady employee of a "Star Wars" restaurant who was wearing a Star Wars Storm Trooper costume and carrying a toy plastic blaster. The use of force was excessive and unwarranted.

As you can clearly see in the video the plastic blaster was on the ground and not near her the officer was basically standing over it. After they smashed her nose, they still made her get on her knees then lay on the pavement and put handcuffs on her. They should be ashamed of themselves.

God I fear Halloween what are they going to do start tackling kids for wearing costumes with toy guns and swords!

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