Verdict Tension Diffused by Tommy Robinson’s Men at Old Bailey Court


After Tommy Robinson's 2-day Trial at the Old Bailey, judges found him guilty on 3 counts, and tensions rose quickly with the police. Thanks to Danny, Kev and Richard for diffusing the situation.

In contrast, when Tommy was recently campaigning for the European Parliament, he held a perfectly legal, peaceful and family friendly election rally in Oldham. When hundreds of masked and tooled up Muslim thugs arrived (escorted there by police) and began pelting women and children with bricks and bottles, not one police baton was drawn against them in defence of these women and children. In fact, the police can clearly be seen standing around chatting amongst themselves, as missiles flew over their heads, utterly indifferent to the fact that citizens might be killed or injured.

In contrast, at the Old Bailey, it only took unarmed civilians pointing and chanting, 'Shame on you' to have the whole line of police swiftly drawing their batons and brandishing them in a menacing way. Clearly the police are much more sensitive to their own safety than they are of the general public. Missiles thrown at families is not important enough to warrant police intervention, but pointing and chanting at the police is very frightening indeed.

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