University of Victoria Institutes Anti-White Book Club


The book club promises to be "overwhelming, emotional, and at times, make you question many truths about yourself, and the way you view the world". Overwhelming? Emotional? Painful introspection? The language of this sentence in particular makes it apparent who this book club counselor is meant for: White students.

The counselor isn't going to be there for a distraught person of colour discovering the horrors his ancestors endured. They will be there for White students, emotionally broken from having been told by educators that their ethnic group alone is responsible for all modern social ills and historical atrocities. The counselor will be there to explain to the crying 18 year-old European Canadian girl, fresh from high school, how she can redeem herself for the various blood libels leveled against her race.

Needless to say, I have joined the book club in order to investigate and glean what information I can. Hopefully I won't need to call up the counselor to relieve my inevitable shame over being a member of the first race to abolish slavery. 

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