University of New Brunswick Professor Under the Microscope


In a letter written to the Dean and Vice-President of UNB, the writer explains why It is difficult to give a brief analysis of the situation, because several vast and complex matters are involved. However, the following may summarize some of the main issues:

Apparently, there is now an onslaught against Professor Ricardo Duchesne, a member of the faculty at UNB. Professor Matthew Sears, also at UNB, is said to be playing a major role against Professor Duchesne. The present attack seems to be based on an online article in Huffington Post (May 18, 2019) by Nick Robins-Early, entitled "The White Supremacist Professor Teaching at a Public University." This event at UNB resembles a similar massive attack on him in 2014 led by Professor Kerry Jang of UBC.

It is difficult to give a brief analysis of the situation, because several vast and complex matters are involved. However, the following may summarize some of the main issues.

(1) The Terms "Left" and "Right"

At this point in the twenty-first century, there is what looks like an approaching civil war in various countries, all over two words - "left" and "right" - which no one understands and no one can clearly define. Any explanation of this puzzle begins with the fact that Marx was absolutely right in saying, "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles."In a sense, one side calls the Great Divide of "class struggle" a problem of "half full," and the other side calls it a problem of "half empty," but except for each side's choice of emotion-laden terminology they are talking about the same thing. Yet the undertones are different.

(2) The Effects of Left-Wing Ideology

Most Canadians are only dimly aware that the main news-media are owned by gigantic corporations, which have a hidden globalist agenda. Many Canadians also believe that since the country has 10 million square kilometers of land, it can keep bringing in more immigrants for eternity, even though most of the land is uninhabitable, and that with sufficient goodwill one can have infinite growth on a finite planet.

Canadians are taught to believe that people of European descent, who composed more than 80 percent of Canada until recent times, are guilty of centuries of rather uncertain crimes, perhaps including the alphabet, education, democracy, modern medicine, and science. They believe the world should be controlled by a benevolent dictatorship, with all history, nationality, parenthood, and even gender scrubbed out of people's brains.

"Multiculturalism" is the word that one never stops hearing. It really means no culture at all, no values, no past, no goals, no hopes, no future. It means the dismantling of "culture," the decline of the West. Young people are now taught to be ashamed of Canada's European legacy, and any courses in the social sciences are revised to show the "guilt" of those who spent thousands of years developing Western civilization. "Education" of the new sort is more form than substance: teachers are so afraid of being accused of heresy that the students are given little real information. Modern education involves little real learning, and far more time is spent on mere indoctrination.

By the propagation of an "underdog" mentality among Westerners, globalists have encouraged the nanny state, with people living in perpetual imbecility and irresponsibility. There is now a strong sense of "wrong," but especially when these victims look at themselves. They hate their own culture and their own heritage. They live with a sense of guilt and shame, they suffer from self-loathing. They feel a need for self-abasement. They end up with low self-confidence, low self-assurance, low self-esteem. Confirmed underdogs have self-destructive attitudes about sexuality, marriage, and the family. To them, a stable marriage, heterosexual and monogamous, is anathema.

(3) Modern Marxism

The changes observed in modern mentality can largely be traced to a form of Marxism. In the middle of the last century, Marxism never had much luck in intellectual contests among Westerners, so it had to burrow underground, eroding the foundations of modern society and leaving people in a state of perpetual self-doubt and abnegation. This is what is called "cultural Marxism." Cultural Marxism is the engine that keeps the whole "multicultural" ship moving along. But even fairly knowledgeable people do not think very much about that engine, except perhaps when they are lying in their bunks at night and they hear a distant chugging sound.

The cultural-Marxist dogma plays into an alleged economic need: to increase immigration and thereby sustain a "growing economy." Yet massive immigration really has little or no benefit to the country, and in fact leads to overcrowding, unemployment, and other social ills. For the rich, however, massive immigration means more buyers, more workers, and more investors. For politicians, more people means more votes. For religious groups, larger numbers of the "faithful" means a greater chance of pushing out competitors. Yet none of these groups has the good of the country in mind

.(4) Emotion-Laden Terminology

In 1930 Robert H. Thouless wrote a popular book entitled Straight and Crooked Thinking. Its second appendix is entitled "Thirty-Eight Dishonest Tricks." The first of the 38 is "the use of emotionally toned words."

The article by Robins-Early contains approximately 2,250 words. Of that total, approximately 50 are words ending in "-ist," all of them occurrences of "supremacist," "nationalist," "racist," or "extremist." (I am not including the words "journalist," "biologist," "globalist," or "nutritionist.") Surely one would expect a professional writer such as Robins-Early to come up with a broader lexicon than a collection of rather meaningless "-ist" words? He also refers to "hate speech." If he himself were to talk about something that he hated, would that constitute "hate speech"?

(5) Freedom of Speech

It is curious that modern left-wingers bear a greater resemblance to Stalin and Mao than to Robert Owen. The familiar modern image is that of the "Antifa," dressed in black, with even their faces covered, physically assaulting the right-wingers, whose faces are totally uncovered. To what extent was socialism in its earlier days associated with violent attacks on the expression of personal opinions?

(6) A Final Thought

Wikipedia has an article on Stasi, "the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). It has been described as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies to have ever existed. . . . One of its main tasks was spying on the population, mainly through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures, including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents (Zersetzung, literally meaning 'decomposition')." Slowly but surely, Stalin's inheritors are trying to build such a service in Canada

.A note on myself: I have been involved with the Council of European Canadians since its inception. Like Professor Duchesne, I am an author with Arktos: my upcoming book is entitled The Taxi Driver from Baghdad

Peter Goodchild