UK: That Muslim Gang Attack on Those Non-Muslim Tree Surgeons


You can imagine what those Muslims were thinking. How dare those "white bastards" think they have a right to even be in Rochdale Road, in our territory? What's this? They're just doing their job? So what? "It's their country, too." No, it isn't. The U.K. is now our country, it belongs to us, the "best of peoples," and not to the Infidels, the Kuffar, the "most vile of all created beings." This is our territory. We can't - yet - claim the whole country, but we can claim our neighborhood, and within a few years all of Newbold, and much of Manchester itself will be a place where Kuffars will know who is boss. We go to Pakistan and bring back wives, and relatives. And then their relatives come. We have big families. We take the Jizyah Seeker's Allowance. No one can stop us.