Turkey Benefits from the Khashoggi Disappearance


Western media outlets must be suspicious of any information coming from Turkey about the Khashoggi disappearance. After all, Turkey (as well as Russia, Iran, and China) benefits from the sustained media campaign against Saudi Arabia (since it disconnects Riyadh from Washington). It also weakens the United States in the region.

Saudi Arabia is attempting to move much closer to the United States (and, by extension, Israel) in order to build an effective alliance meant to contain the potentially nuclear-armed Iran. For Turkey, this is a grave threat. The closer to the United States Saudi Arabia (and the other Sunni Arab states) gets, the more powerful it is made relative to Turkey. The more powerful Saudi Arabia becomes, the less likely it will be that Erdoğan can realize his dreams of reconstituting the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East.

Turkey benefits the most from these developments - as do its partners in Iran, Russia, and China.

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