Trump Surrender To Coup Forces Ends Election War—Now Revolution Begins


Antifa terrorists who then lead a horde of Trump supporters to the US Capitol building, where astoundingly the police forces guarding it suddenly began removing barricades and invited these protesters in-and once on the grounds of the US Capitol, then saw a small group of Antifa terrorists urging Trump's supporters to follow them up to the building itself-and when reaching the US Capitol building, then saw these Antifa terrorist smashing windows to invade it for the first time since the War of 1812-and when viewing, caused Trump's supporters to cry out in alarm about what these Antifa terrorists were doing.

An invasion of the US Capitol building led by Antifa terrorists quickly identified by their communist clothing, symbols and tattoos, one of whose leaders wearing a Viking helmet had previously been photographed at a BLM rally wearing the same outfit-facts not known to the hundreds of Trump supporters who followed these Antifa terrorists into the US Capitol building, one of whom was US Air Force combat veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was then brutally shot and killed by an as yet unknown party-and became one of the 4 confirmed fatalities in yesterday's deliberately planned chaos of bloodshed and mayhem.

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