Trump and Reagan – Defenders of America


Adams notes that despite some surface dissimilarities - "Reagan was genteel and almost never offended; Trump not so much" - the two former Presidents had a great deal in common: among many other points, they were outsiders who battled against the political establishment; they were charismatic communicators; they both had a background in Hollywood; they both were guided by an optimism and unwavering belief in American exceptionalism; and they both were staunchly pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-God. Even the criticisms of the two were similar, accused as they were of exploiting white male resentment and being insufficiently intellectual to suit the leftist elites.

Adams praises the two Presidents who "inspired new hope in people who had lost hope. They helped culture warriors win important victories" and "shook up the Foggy Bottom foreign policy Establishment." Reagan and Trump "dedicated years of their lives to defending our most sacred honors and fighting for the American ideal," and they "did it in the face of manufactured racial unrest and social worries, ginned up by the left-wing fake news media."

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