Trump and Churchill


"Both Churchill and Trump had the weight of civilization on their shoulders, but they never once shrugged," Adams continues. "Instead, like the great leaders they were, Churchill and Trump soldiered on with ebullience, projecting optimism to the people they were leading as well as their enemies, who surely thought they would be demoralized."

Adams concludes the very readable Trump and Churchill by reaffirming his prediction that "President Donald Trump is going to be a greater defender of Western civilization than Prime Minister Winston Churchill." That will be left to the judgment of history, of course, but considering the existential threats the Western world is facing - a growing favorability toward socialism among our youth, the subversion of cultural Marxism, leftist totalitarianism, Islamic fundamentalism, and open-borders globalism - if Trump can lead a turn of the tide and Make Western Civilization Great Again, then Nick Adams will be proven right.

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