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The Trudeau government has made several false claims about the Freedom Convoy while justifying its unprecedented use of the never-before-used Emergencies Act.

But if you only paid attention to the legacy media, you would have no idea that the government was misleading Canadians.

On Tuesday, two senior cabinet ministers appeared before a House of Commons committee and made claims about the convoy that have been proven false.

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino claimed the highly-publicized arson attempt was connected to the convoy protesters, despite the fact that the Ottawa Police Service cleared the convoy of any involvement in the incident.

Mendicino also claimed that the border blockades had a "devastating" impact on trade. However, the government's own data revealed the convoy had no impact on Alberta and Ontario's ability to trade with the US.

Attorney General David Lametti also confirmed the government referred to dubious reports from the government-funded CBC to justify how the government froze the bank accounts of Canadians. The CBC had to publicly retract a news report that erroneously claimed that support for the protests had largely come from foreigners.

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