Trudeau, the media, and minor politicians attack Canada's truckers


The Globe and Mail, which is Canada's version of CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, and The WaPo put together, is cranking out defamatory articles. My favorite is the one entitled "Ottawa police probe desecration of monuments by trucker convoy protests." Like me, I bet you're thinking of American monuments in the summer of 2020 after BLM was finished with them: covered with spray-painted obscenities, splattered with paint, and often dragged down by a roaring mob.

But if you scroll through the article, you'll see one lonely picture of a "desecrated" monument. It's a sculpture of Terry Fox, a single-leg amputee who ran across Canada in 1980 for cancer awareness. He is much admired for his courage. So how did those truckers desecrate this humanitarian's statue? They draped a Canadian flag around its shoulders, put a hat on its head, tucked a flagpole with an allegedly upside-down flag in the crook of an elbow, and balanced a sign on his chest reading "Mandate Freedom."

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