Trudeau signs another feel-good agreement while Yazidis suffer alone by Barbara Kay


The Yazidis are a very particular people with very particular needs, and so, alas, less interesting to our "post-nationalist" prime minister than the bedazzling utopian scenario of a we-are-the-world UN vision.

In Canada, a migrant arriving at an illegal point of entry gets full protection. The very next day, his relatives - not just wife or children or parents, but aunts and cousins; the definition is broad - can arrive for processing at a legal point of entry. Meanwhile, Yazidis in Canada, mostly women, because the men were almost all massacred, traumatized from prolonged sex slavery, can't even bring over their sisters without a tortuous and defeating process (there are only two interpreters in Canada who speak their unique dialect). Yet their kinsmen are precisely what they need to heal.