Trudeau’s Top Ten Transgressions. Remember them on Monday.


In her best-selling new book, the former Liberal Attorney-General pithily sums up why she couldn't abide Justin Trudeau any longer. "Aga Khan. India. Vice-Admiral Norman. SNC-Lavalin. Blackface. WE. Payette. General Vance. There are patterns reflected in all of these," Wilson-Raybould writes. "This way of governing was not my way of governing and I did not want to be part of it - to be complicit."

1. Influence-peddling. In 2016, Trudeau and his family paid a visit to the Aga Khan's private residence in the Bahamas - but someone else paid. The Trudeaus were ferried around on the lobbyists' private helicopters, as were Liberal MP Seamus O'Regan and Liberal Party President Anna Gainey. The Ethics Commissioner later concluded Trudeau had violated conflict of interest laws - because the junket put a lobbyist in a position of influence over no less than the Prime Minister of Canada. But it wouldn't be the last time Trudeau would run afoul of ethics laws.

2. International embarrassments. In February 2018, the Trudeau family went on another trip paid for by someone else - this time to India. And the Trudeau National Lampoon Indian Vacation was a disaster on an international scale. One, Trudeau didn't meet with a single senior member of the Indian government for days after landing in New Delhi. Two, he wasn't greeted at the airport by Indian leader Narendra Modi - despite Modi's preference for doing so with every other world leader. Three, Canadians were shocked to learn that Trudeau had invited an extremist to a state dinner - a man who had been convicted of attempting to murder an Indian politician in the 1980s. Finally, Trudeau attracted ridicule around the globe for pulling out his tickle trunk, and (badly) dancing the bhangra, along with wearing traditional Indian attire throughout his trip. (His Indian counterparts wore suits.)

3. Groping a woman. In June 2018, the world was shocked to learn that Trudeau had allegedly groped - or, as the Criminal Code would allege with any other person, sexually assaulted - a reporter at a beer festival in B.C. Trudeau shrugged at the revelation, saying that he did not recall any "negative interactions." He then cruelly smeared the victim, saying "who knows where her mind was."

4. Obstruction of justice. In February 2019, Canadians learned that Trudeau and his senior staff had tried to stop the prosecution of a Liberal Party donor for corruption. Trudeau and his minions bullied Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould to intervene, but she refused. Trudeau then pushed Wilson-Raybould out of his caucus - for telling the truth, and for obeying the law. Later, the Ethics Commissioner issued a report on the sordid affair. It concluded that Trudeau had again contravened the federal Conflict of Interest Act by improperly pressuring Wilson-Raybould to stop the prosecution of Quebec-based SNC-Lavalin.

5. Railroading whistleblowers. In May 2019, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman was accused of leaking information to the media about a sweetheart deal for Quebec-based shipbuilder Chantier Davie Canada Inc. Norman defiantly pleaded not guilty, and the resulting mess turned into a massive scandal for Trudeau and his regime. Trudeau's prosecutors then hurriedly dropped the charges and later paid Norman compensation for his troubles.

6. Racist behaviour. In September 2019, photos are published of Trudeau wearing blackface while partying - as a teacher. A clip obtained by Global News even showed Trudeau smeared with dark makeup - and with something jammed down his pants. Around the same time, images surfaced showing Trudeau wearing dark makeup and a turban at an "Arabian Nights" party - and also wearing an afro wig and mocking a Jamaican song during a talent show. Even Donald Trump condemned Trudeau's behaviour as inappropriate.sement

7. WE corruption. In April 2020, not long after Trudeau is re-elected with a slim minority, the WE Charity scandal breaks. The "charity" had received a Trudeau government contract to administer the $912 million Canada Student Summer Grant program - even though there were thousands of public servants perfectly capable of doing so. Later on, the Ethics Commissioner ruled that former Finance minister Bill Morneau - who had family connections to WE - had contravened sections the Conflict of Interest Act. Trudeau was forced to apologize for his role in the scandal - and Morneau was obliged to resign as Minister of Finance and an MP. Canada's Minister of Finance Bill Morneau looks at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a press conference in Ottawa on March 11, 2020. REUTERS FILE

8. Gross incompetence. In January 2021, after Trudeau overruled an expert panel and appointed Julie Payette as Governor General, disturbing stories started to emerge. Payette had been involved in a fatal auto collision - and a report concluded she had abused staff. She quit. Trudeau shrugged.

9. Rewarding sexual misconduct. In May 2021, Gen. Jonathan Vance, the former chief of defence staff - who, with Trudeau, vowed to root out sexual misconduct in the Canadian military - was simultaneously carrying on a clandestine affair with a subordinate. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau and his Chief of Staff Katie Telford were reported to know about complaints against Vance. Trudeau told the House of Commons that "no one in my office ... knew the nature of the complaint." But former Trudeau adviser Elder Marques told a parliamentary committee otherwise.

10. Chinese coverups. In June 2021, the Trudeau government did what has never been done before - it sued the Speaker of the House of Commons to keep secret documents related to the firing of Dr. Xiangguo Qiu and her husband, Keding Cheng from the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. The pair had allegedly shared confidential information with a lab in Wuhan, China - the birthplace of the coronavirus. After ignoring several requests from a Parliamentary committee to turn over documents, the House of Commons voted to order the papers released. In response, Trudeau filed a lawsuit against the Speaker of the House of Commons - a fellow Liberal.