Trudeau’s ‘Retaliatory Tariff War’ Kicking In on Canada Day


Although President Donald Trump is doing anything but ducking, it's Canada Day, the day that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose to send RETALIATORY tariffs at the media-reviled American president-but only at products from swing states- to help 'Resistance' leader Barack Obama claw back all that was lost by Hillary Clinton, in upcoming Midterm elections. So far it's mostly bourbon from Mitch McConnell's Kentucky, toilet paper from Wisconsin, and our favorite-pickles from North Carolina. Canada's wishy-washy prime minister has a thing about making Canada Day 'Trudeau centric'. This year he's dragging Canada into the anti-Trump, midterm gang bangers' war. Previously, it was gender neutralizing the national anthem, officially replacing the line "in all thy sons command" with "in all of us command."