Trudeau’s handpicked Lieutenant Governor donated thousands to Trudeau and Notley


Justin Trudeau replaced Alberta's viceregal representative to Queen Elizabeth II with a longtime Liberal Party supporter, Salma Lakhani.  Lakhani not only donated $8,694.61 to Trudeau's Liberal Party, she donated $1,015 to Rachel Notley's NDP in the election year of 2019. A financial show of support to the fallen government and current socialist opposition calls in to question Salma Lakhani's ability to execute her sacrosanct duties to act impartially in the name of Her Majesty the Queen.

The new appointee is being praised for happening to be the first Muslim-Canadian to hold the office in Canada. She will have the final say on all legislation passed by the Alberta Legislature, be it as trivial as traffic law to issues of generational importance like firing the RCMP or pulling out of the unfunded Canadian Pension Plan.

Many assume that the royal authority is symbolic only, however that is not the case. Lieutenant Governors have in the past simply refused to sign legislation passed by the duly elected Legislature, most notably in Alberta.

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