Trudeau Lies About “Helping Middle Class”– Funds Middle Eastern Nations Instead


"Keep on telling a lie and eventually the people will believe it"- paraphrase of a statement by a prominent fascist dictator of modern history.

Seems PM Justin Trudeau and back-room schemer Gerald Butts have taken this tid-bit to heart.

"A staggering 47 percent of respondents to a survey by the Calgary-based insolvency firm MNP say they "don't expect to be able to cover basic living expenses over the next year" without increasing the amount of debt that they're in."

So just about half of Canadian citizens are living hand-to-mouth under PM Trudeau's post-modern pseudo-dictatorship. How sweet. Wanna get really angry, fellow patriots?

Try this on for size:

In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed $465 million to Afghanistan, including $270 million for development assistance and $195 million for security support.. The funding is being used to sustain the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces, and to help the Afghan government provide basic services to its citizens.

That's Afghani citizens, not Canadians. Benefit: Nation of Islam. Detriment: Canadian tax-payers. How King Justin Trudeau is this?

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