Trudeau Just Killed the Quebec Liberals’ 2018 Election


During a recent speech in Saint-Jean-sur- Richelieu Prime Minister Trudeau publicly verbally bashed an elderly female Quebec senior. This brave woman had the temerity to ask Trudeau, when will his government pay back the $146 million dollars of Quebec taxpayer money that have been incurred to support Trudeau's illegal immigrants who have entered Quebec illegally across the Quebec border from the United States.

Trudeau's public shaming of this French-Canadian woman and the physical manhandling of this senior citizen by Trudeau's security detail (see RCMP plainclothes goons), were all captured on video, distributed on Twitter and covered extensively by the Quebec mainstream press. The result. Trudeau's actions have driven the final nail in the Quebec Liberals' chances for re-election in this upcoming October 1 provincial election.