Trudeau Government Working To “CONTROL ALL INTERNET CONTENT”– Media Research Centre


The American media watchdog organization, Media Research Center (MRC), stated the report behind the Trudeau government's call for requiring news websites and social media to obtain a government license to operate in Canada is "terrifying."

"Canada was one of the Allies that defeated fascism. Canadian soldiers fought for freedom and now the Canadian government seems eager to take that away," said Media Research Center (MRC) Culture Vice President, Dan Gainor.

"Watching an ally, a neighbour and a friend talk about regulating the free press shows where the far left wants to take, not just Canada, but any nation they control," he added.

CAP applaud this man's choice of words. "Any nation they control" alludes to belief that international forces beyond Canada's borders are the true controllers of our nation. How very astute of this fellow.

In this regard, there is no single person in Canada more dedicated to the erasure of national sovereignty than prime minister Justin Trudeau. The man is a one man "wrecking crew" for the decimation of 153 years of Canadian cultural identity.

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