Trudeau Government Blew $23 Million Taxpayer Dollars on Over 600 Cars


A new report reveals that the Trudeau government spent $23 million on over 600 cars for the G7 summit, and is now having trouble selling the cars to recoup our taxpayer dollars. The vehicles were purchased by the RCMP, most of them for 'motorcades' for the G7 summit, even though the RCMP should have a massive fleet of such vehicles from the purchases of past decades.

According to the RCMP, buying the automobiles outright was considered the most affordable choice. Seriously? Since when is the RCMP advising the Prime Minister on how to spend our money? Their suggestion of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on cars to be used for three days, is, shall we say, a tad reckless? Did no one ever hear of renting said vehicles? Or at least the ones available in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor etc.?