Toronto ISIS Supporting Jihad Murderer Threatened to Kill Two Security Guards Weeks Before Toronto Shooting


A security guard who worked at the same Thorncliffe apartment block where the Danforth shooter resided says he and his colleague were the targets of death threats from the shooter on July 5th, just two weeks before Faisal Hussain opened fire on innocent civilians in downtown Toronto.

The security guard, who also says Hussain was a lookout for the notorious Thorncliffe Park Kings street gang, claims Hussain threatened to slit his throat after a brief altercation.

An incident report was filed through Regal Security, the guard's employer, but no follow-up occurred. The police were notified that night, the guard says, but when one officer arrived later that evening, the guard was told there were no police resources available.

These new details are part of an emerging picture of the shooter, whose gang affiliation appears to partially explain how he was able to secure a firearm, in spite of his alleged mental health issues.

The Thorncliffe Park Kings, or TPK, are mostly comprised of gang members with backgrounds from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a police source said there is an element within the gang that sympathizes with radical Islamic views.

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