Tommy Robinson’s Right to Free Speech Morally Trumps All Laws That Violate It


Tommy Robinson morally must be freed. Immediately. And everyone who understands the importance of individual rights, freedom of speech, and objective law morally must demand it.

If we look at the full context of relevant facts surrounding this case, we can see that the real reason Robinson was arrested and jailed is that he has spoken out vociferously against jihad, Sharia law, Islam-inspired child rape, and mass Islamic immigration into England. Whether Robinson is right or wrong about any of that is beside the point here. People have a moral right to speak their minds regardless of whether they are right or wrong (so long as they do not incite violence, commit fraud, or the like).

We are talking about the right to freedom of speech-the one right that stands between human beings in a state of civilization and human beings in a state of war against or enslavement to a rogue government. We are talking about the right whose recognition and protection constitutes the essential difference between the United States and North Korea. We're talking about the last leg of a free (or semi-free) society.

We're talking about that right.

The problem at hand is not merely one vague, non-objective British law. The problem is that various politicians, police, social workers, and journalists in the UK (and elsewhere) are hell-bent on silencing Robinson, who has exposed their cowardice, their coverups, and their complicity (via their silence) in, among other things, Islam-motivated mass child rape.