Tommy Robinson - Excellent News!


Supporters of British patriot Tommy Robinson are justifiably jubilant at Tommy being awarded The Free Press Society's 2019 Sappho award - the award for the world's most important defender of free speech. This is awarded to a person who has shown uncompromising courage in the struggle for the free word.

Previous winners have included Mark Steyn, Melanie Phillips, Douglas Murray, Ezra Levant, Rachel Ehrenfeld and Roger Scruton.

Freedom of expression is under tremendous strain. Nationally and globally, writers, artists, journalists and politicians are threatened upon their lives and/or with their livelihoods, or sued in court for expressing particular views. Fear, self-censorship and oppressive anti-defamation laws are in the process of undermining our main liberty: Freedom of expression.

Tommy has fought for free speech more than anyone in the western world. As you know, he was sentenced to 66 days in solitary confinement in Belmarsh prison for "contempt of court", just for reporting normally on a trial. That was on top of the ten weeks he served the previous year for the same "contempt of court". Tommy was the first British journalist sentenced to prison for contempt of court since the 1940s.

Amnesty International didn't care; Pen International didn't care. Reporters Without Borders didn't care. Nor did British Committee to Protect Journalists.

One would think that the constant threats made against Tommy Robinson would wake people up to the true nature and lethal character of the enemy we face, when they are so threatened by the telling of the truth that they're willing to commit murder in response. Yet even as Tommy Robinson is defamed, vilified, marginalized and called a racist, he is being proven right by the events of every day - and the light of the truth he tells shines more brightly all the time.