Tommy Robinson appeals to Donald Trump for political asylum in the U.S.


The shabby treatment of Tommy Robinson by the British justice system in failed attempts to silence him is a stain on Britain; one to match the shocking cover-up of the Muslim rape gangs - the scandal that landed Robinson in jail in the first place as he tried to deliver a live Facebook commentary on a Muslim rape gang trial outside a courthouse in Leeds. British courts were fearful about the impact of Tommy's report, so they opted instead to protect the "rights" of Muslim rapists.

Who would (or could) have thought that political conditions of the U.K. would have deteriorated so rapidly into Islamization that a plea for asylum from a country - once a beacon of freedom - would become necessary? That time has arrived. Tommy Robinson has launched a public appeal for Donald Trump to grant him asylum as he faces imprisonment and the threat of being murdered by jihadists in jail. A petition has also gone out for Trump to grant him asylum in the U.S.

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