Time to Investigate Real Russian Colluder Nancy Pelosi


Many now know that the Robert Mueller III Special Counsel-struck by Democrats with Democrat impaneled members-came up empty of any evidence against President Trump after a two-and-a-half-year-long 'investigation' at a cost of $32 million to taxpayers.

Many now know that none of the participants of the coup, neither high profile agents nor politicians have ever been brought to justice.

Many now know that the failed Mueller investigation morphed into the Nancy Pelosi/Adam Schiff-led Impeachment 'Inquiry', and that Pelosi has refused to deliver the articles of Impeachment to the Senate, which is the only way for the president to prove that the purely partisan Inquiry was nothing but a scam.

The handwriting on the wall shows a dramatic and stunning change on the way the F.B.I operated between 2010 and 2016.

More than ironic that leader of the current Impeachment posse Nancy Pelosi is a provable Russian colluder of note.

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