Thoughts on the Toronto Shooting


Didn't you know? When a Muslim goes on a shooting spree, it is because he is deranged. But when a non-Muslim goes on a shooting spree, it is because he is guided by the ideology of White Supremacy. That is why the Internet must be censored, hate speech punished, haters fined and jailed, guns registered and Islamophobia rooted out. Better still, phase out whites. That way there will be no racism or bigotry, right? Are we getting the picture yet?Mark Steyn, 1992: "If Toronto imports Jamaica, should it be surprising that it gets Jamaican murder rates?" Point being that if you stock our cities with third world peoples, particularly Muslims and those of African origin, the toughest gun laws in the world will not prevent gun violence."

Libtards don't get this. As Steyn said way back then, as soon as someone gets shot in Toronto, Canadian politicians want to seize the gun of a Saskatchewan farmer. Remember Michael Moore's documentary on the Columbine massacre, when he went up to Toronto and told American viewers that Toronto was proof that a multi racial city could be violence free if only strict gun laws were in place? Where is he now? Oh, I forgot. He's on the talk show circuit calling for a violent revolution to overthrow Trump.