This Is No Ordinary Time in History


We live in the 21stcentury, which caught us in a time of converging extremes. What constitutes those extremes? Six of them come to mind: human conflict, disease proliferation, catastrophic climate destabilization, economic chaos, plastics-poisons, and human overpopulation. We could probably come up with another dozen extremes, but it would take a book.

As human numbers increase to extremes around the planet: countries fight for water, energy, arable land, resources and turf. For example, China cannot feed its 1.4 billion people. It grows environmentally more unsustainable with each sunrise. Thus, it expands into Africa, South America, Europe, Canada and America. Please note: demographics determine superiority and destiny. Remember what happened to the Native American Indians.

February 2019: My friend Barry, a businessman, said, "Italy entered into China's new Silk Road initiative. In one year China has taken over critical port cities in Italy. Many Italians in Northern Italy sold their leather goods and textile companies to China. Italy then allowed 100,000 Chinese from Wuhan to move to Italy to work in these factories. Many took direct flights from Wuhan to Italy resulting in Northern Italy being a hotspot for the virus.

"This is why China is sending Italy foreign aid and medical equipment. There's a rampant illegal immigration problem in Italy because of the massive numbers of Chinese going back and forth between Italy and Wuhan. Chinese illegal factory workers are avoiding the taxes due Italy by not being registered as guest workers.

Work for three months then they disappear for a month and come back and go to work under a different name, different factory.

"Chinese are buying up port cities in Italy and taking over the textile industry. Those businesses that didn't sell to Chinese are being put out of business by the Chinese. There are some neighborhoods in Italy that are only Chinese now. There was an outcry from the US but Italy ignored the concerns."

The exact same thing happened to Vancouver, BC, Canada where Chinese immigrants now dominate at 65 percent. They continue to chase out Canadians.

In America, Africa and South America, Chinese buy land and take-over businesses. They're chain-migrating by the hundreds of thousands.

Disease proliferation: tuberculosis kills 2,000,000 (million) people annually according to the United Nations. That's year after year. This latest Covid 19 pandemic originated in Wuhan, China. It could be a bio-weapon or it could be Nature's response to compacted numbers and filthy food/living practices by the Chinese people. I've visited China to see the filth myself. As humanity increases by another 3,000,000,000 (billion) people, net gain within 30 years, look for more pandemics that will kill millions, perhaps even billions.

Catastrophic climate destabilization: because of our extraordinary exhaust of fossil fuel burning, coal burning, wood burning and methane gas exhaustion-we continue to set in motion responses from Nature that we cannot understand nor do know the outcome as to long term ramifications. Think: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Economic chaos: if this Covid 19 continues its exponential growth journey, it very well could leave countless dead and completely destroy the entire working economy of America and the world.

Plastics and poisons: if you think this planet and its marine creatures can tolerate another 5,000,000,000,000 (trillion) pieces of plastic tossed into our oceans on top of the 5 trillion we've already tossed in the past 50 years, you might want to consult with a counselor. At present, we inject 70,000 deadly chemicals into the air, water and land 24/7-and have been for 60 years. Do you have any idea of the long term consequences of such a combination of abuse? Can you imagine our entire food supply poisoning us to death via cancers, neurological diseases like Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, CP, MD and many others? Everyone reading this column knows someone with cancer or who has died of cancer. Yet, annually, we continue to poison MOST of our foods and sell to a clueless public.

Do you remember the movie, "Thelma and Louise" in their 1966 Ford Thunderbird? Do you remember they had blown up a tanker truck and had committed enough crimes to put themselves in prison for many years. As the cops chased them toward a cliff near Moab, Utah, (which I have visited), they stopped just short of the edge. They were trapped. They faced consequences so great that they both decided to 'floor it' and drive their Thunderbird over the cliff and die.

It's my observation, that back in 1970, at 3.5 billion people on the planet; we focused on overpopulation on that first Earth Day. We were warned about our impending future and that we needed to change course. First world countries did change to 2.03 children per woman, but third world countries decided to "floor it" by adding another 4.1 billion of themselves to reach 7.6 billion, as if tomorrow wouldn't come. Religious leaders applauded and praised endless population increases. So did corporations worldwide. Consumption driven by population growth yielded massive profits for a very few. To hell with the environment or quality of life.

Well, tomorrow is here. We're looking down both barrels of a 12 gauge shotgun with both hammers pulled back.

It's here and it's going to get dicey. If we survive Covid 19, but keep adding another three billion by 2050 as projected, Mother Nature will send another form of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Guaranteed!

What can you do? What are you going to do for your children? What kind of a civilization will you hand over to them?

My thoughts? Since none of the world leaders will speak to this issue, including our own president and Congress, we need you, the average American citizen to speak up. You need to call or visit your governor, U.S. Senators, House Member, TV station, radio stations, NPR, PBS, CNN, FOX, PBS, 60 Minutes and as many as you can to demand a national discussion-debate on America's carrying capacity, immigration invasion both legal and illegal, energy, water and resources. If you don't, they won't. Things will continue exactly as they have been since 1970. Ask them what they think about and how will we feed another 140 million people added to the United States and another 15-20 million people to Canada within the next 30 years.

Just like Thelma and Louise, at some point, do you want your children to face driving over that cliff? Because if you do nothing, they will be forced to drive over that cliff.

This is what the future will look like:

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