This Election is a Fight for the Soul of Democracy


It's on. At last. A General Election. The importance of this election cannot be overstated. So much hinges on it - politically, historically, even psychologically. In this election, the people have a brilliant opportunity to push back against the most dangerous and authoritarian wing of the 21st-century establishment: the Remainer elite. All those sections of the political class who over the past three years have demonstrated their contempt for democratic principles, their fear and loathing of the judgement of the masses, and their willingness to upend hard-fought-for rights and freedoms in order to preserve their grip on political power, on the moral order and on the very parameters of public debate - we now have the chance to weaken these elitists and to make it clear to the entire establishment that such behaviour will not be tolerated again. It is a chance we must seize with vigour.

The great thing about this election is that it returns power to the people.

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