The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is Coming Your Way. Are You Ready?


In 2015 the Royal Commission on Truth & Reconciliation released its findings with the primary recommendation that UNDRIP be used as a "blueprint" instead of an aspirational document. Trudeau made the "blueprint" view on UNDRIP a central part of his election platform and upon being elected prime minister of Canada, emphasized his "blueprint" view in his commencement speech. He is committed to UNDRIP. He wants to make big, fundamental changes to Canada just like his globalist dad. Whether they are good or not.

I would like to conclude this article by asking some of our readers a question: Does the inevitability of mass-immigration demographics make you feel hopeless? Do the upcoming difficulties that UNDRIP will bring for us make you crestfallen? Why? You shouldn't feel that way. You should feel the need to fight back. You should be driven to put in the work. Maybe it is all hopeless for us. So what? Go down fighting. If a group of thugs broke into your family home to murder you all, would you just cower in the corner and write pithy comments on a website? Read about our ancestors that built this once glorious nation faced impossible odds without flinching. Droughts, fires, starvation, hostile natives, raging rivers, miscarriages, dying children and relatives, they just kept moving forward through it all and onward to victory. That's what real Canadians do.

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