The Truth About the Billboard Posting


We think it important to advise you of the facts behind the billboards promoting Maxime Bernier and the PPC's position on "Mass" Immigration.

The billboards were erected in several major cities by a third party group called True North Strong and Free Advertising Corp and according to Johanne Mennie, from the PPC, they had no prior knowledge of them.

Controversy arose quite quickly and the Billboard Co., Pattison Outdoors, decided to take them down...but not for the reasons you may have suspected.

I contacted Pattison Outdoors and spoke with Randy Otto, President.

Mr. Otto informed me that when signing the agreement to use the billboard...Truth North was supposed to be sure to include their name on the ad (which they did)... in case the public felt inclined to respond.

As it turns out...there was a negative response...and True North did not have a answering system or anyone picking up the 'all' the heat and the calls were being taken by Pattison Outdoor. Randy Otto made every attempt to contact True no avail.

Mr. Bernier was tweeting about the billboards but taking no responsibility of course all the backlash was on P/O.

Then...once the media got involved and there was mention of removing the signs...P/O rec'd even more backlash which solidified Mr. Otto's decision to take them down.

He confirmed that the signs did not violate advertising standards was a matter of no one taking responsibility leaving Pattison Outdoor fully dealing with the outcome.

Randy was interviewed by 8 reporters and they all put a spin on the story. The MSM made it about immigration ...not MASS immigration...and conveniently left out the official reason for the removal of the signs.

Post Millennial reports True North S&F Advertising is associated with Conservative Party contributors.

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Who is behind the billboards? Possibly the CPC. Two long time CPC contributors Nicholas Walker is the head of Barrett and Walker who paid True North Strong and Free Advertising, owned by Frank Smeenk, the money to run the billboard campaign.

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Mr. Otto assured me, and I believe him to be genuine, that this had absolutely nothing to do with censorship. This stunt caused great harm to the Jimmy Pattison name and Pattison Outdoors as the blame has been directed on them and their staff who have had to contend with the backlash of angry and irate callers. Please share this information with your contacts to help set the story straight.

In a hypersensitive atmosphere leading into an election it is easy to be led astray by the MSM and political parties.

This is a very unfortunate series of events but one in which created a great amount of conversation surrounding concerns over censorship as well as mass immigration but the silver lining is that it still brought much attention to an issue of concern to the majority of Canadians which other parties are unwilling to address. It also directed much attention to the PPC's party platform.

Even bad publicity can be good publicity.

Thank you,