The True Winners Of The Election? THIRD WORLD Canada – That’s Who


From a technical(and media) perspective, the Liberal Party Of Canada won the recent federal election in Canada. However, within the overall spectrum of Canada's political landscape there are other winners, and of course, other losers.

In Justin Trudeau's "post-modern" Canada, a curious phenomenon has worked its way into society. The battle is not between Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and the rest. This battle is much more covert and insidious- that of Globalism versus Nationalism.

Over Trudeau's initial four-year term, Trudeau consistently bashed all Canadians displaying any signs of nationalist sentiment, or signs of pride or patriotism within our traditional Anglophone communities.

Conversely- with no mandate from the people, King Justin consistently worked to import, fund and politically empower Third World Canada in an historically unprecedented manner.

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