The RCMP and the Pride Flag


The Surrey RCMP are intending to raise the Pride Flag on Monday, June 24th across the country. Please write and/or phone RCMP Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald a letter requesting he cancel the raising of the flag and CC Commissioners Strachan and Lucki.

You can use the sample letter below or write your own...make a phone call...or both.

Surrey RCMP Asst Commissioner McDonald: 604 599-0502

Surrey RCMP Deputy Commissioner Strachan:  778 290-3100

Ottawa RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki:  613-843-6400

Great News to Report. Due to opposition in Edmonton the Pride Parade was cancelled citing the "current political and social environment." Demonstrators demanded organizers uninvite Edmonton police officers, the RCMP and military.

It is also reported that the Toronto police have been indefinitely barred from participating in the city's pride parade.

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The tide is turning! Let us continue to unite and work together to stop this harmful agenda.


(Please remember to delete the information above this line and put your name in at the bottom.)

Dear RCMP Assistant Commissioner McDonald,

It has come to my attention that the Surrey RCMP are intending to raise the Pride flag at a Surrey detachment on Monday June, 24th.

This goes against RCMP regulations which stipulates the RCMP are to remain impartial and the Supreme Court ruling instructing the RCMP to remain neutral.

The LGBTQ Activists agenda has become highly controversial and is politically charged.

The creator of the pride flag, Gilbert Baker, did not mince words when he declared its meaning, "that's what flags are for, flags are about proclaiming power...that visibility is KEY to our success and to our justice".

The RCMP's decision to support this political agenda is of concern to citizens whose personal convictions do not align with the LGBTQ ideology and are offended by the statement the flag is proclaiming.

Raising the pride flag creates concern for citizens who may feel discriminated against when expressing genuine concerns if confronted by those in the LGBTQ community who have no respect for other people's views or boundaries. The RCMP's willingness to align themselves with a movement which has become so vile, hateful and intolerant of anyone else's opinion is frightening.

The right to free speech, the freedom to assemble, freedom of the press, parental rights, rights of children and the freedom of religion are currently all under attack due to the overreaching demands of the LGBTQ2++ activists.

According to Section 3.1 of the RCMP regulations members are to respect the law and rights of 'all' individuals.

Therefore, I request that you cancel the raising of the flag in order that the RCMP remain neutral and maintain an open door and safe space for all citizens equally.


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