The preachy, gauzy, meaningless aphorisms don't suffice, Justin Trudeau


Justin Trudeau should have won a majority, and by that I don't mean he deserved to win a majority. I mean that he had the powerful advantage of incumbency, name recognition, a strong economy, a low jobless rate, and was lucky enough to have had as his principal opponent a character so unprepossessing, so awkwardly out of step with the multi-culti reality of this country, that he could have been cast as one of Don Draper's chucklehead copywriters on Mad Men. And yet Trudeau barely held on.

The Prime minister has become a master of the non-answer, and it hurt him at the ballot box. What really soured former supporters, I'd submit, was his cynical, patronizing, condescending, arrogant, insulting belief that voters don't deserve a straight answer - that preachy, gauzy, meaningless aphorisms will suffice.

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