The only virus that exists here is the level of some peoples idiocy and stupidity - Part 2


I suspect that part one was a bit of an eye opener.  Scary isn't it?  However, that was only the beginning. In part two, I will show you much more of this because it is very important for you as the readers to fully and totally understand that your rights are deliberately being taken away from you, under the guise of some invented "pandemic". The purpose of this take over is to allow the government total and absolute control over you . . . up to and including the unlawful, warrantless invasion of your home, your privacy and the removal of your property. Remember too, that as YOUR rights are being forcibly infringed upon and arbitrarily removed, these same rules that you are expected to abide by are not, seemingly, adhered by the very people telling YOU what you may or may not do. OK, lets start with these two videos, as well as as this one. These two guys are USA police officers speaking here, but these are exactly things that are going on HERE, right now.

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