The New Zealand Morality Play


Welcome to the Left's morbid "blame-Islamophobia-game." If the horrific massacre of 49 Muslims at prayer in two New Zealand mosques shows us anything, it is how askew the moral universe has become since the attacks of 9/11. Since that date, Muslim fanatics have carried out more than 34,000 deadly terror attacks against "infidels" (i.e., people who do not share their faith), murdering - often by the most barbaric methods - hundreds of thousands of Christian men, women and children merely because they are Christians. Yet the world of progressive moralizing seems not to notice these casualties or to reflect on the consequences of the war that Muslims have initiated and continue to prosecute.

Virtually the same day as the New Zealand bloodbath, Muslim militants entered a church in the Philippines and mowed down 20 Christians. That same week Muslims in Nigeria slaughtered 85 evangelical Christians - for being Christians - an atrocity that received little attention in the West.

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