The Islamic Scam


Like every intellectual worthy of that description, let us be skeptics. When we tried to understand National Socialism, we began with intellectual conceptions. In vain, until we saw the bodies. Neither nationalism nor socialism nor any combination of the two explains what National Socialism is. It is the emaciated, shrunken, martyred bodies, the heaped up corpses, the wounded, burned, tortured, suffering flesh turned to ash. What people say is not important, but what they do. Communism is not to be found in the sacred texts of Marx, Lenin, Engels, Mao, Trotsky, Pol Pot, etc., but in the wasted, starved, martyred bodies which were incinerated behind the barbed wire; in the heaps of bodies and frozen corpses in Siberia. The truth comes from the prisons, the torture chambers, the gulags and the laogai - the death camps - not from The Communist Manifesto and not from Mein Kampf.

It is the same with Islam. The throats cut at Tibhirin [Algeria], the genocides in Timur or southern Sudan, the children sold or enslaved in this region, the human remains retrieved with a small spoon from the ruins of DC 10, or of UTA or the RER cars, from the towers in New York or from Bali - this is what defines Islam. The reality is the wasted bodies. Islamic countries show themselves to be pure, in the sense that all their residents belong to Islam, but also - except. paradoxically, Saudi Arabia and the emirates on the Persian Gulf - they were all purged: the impure, infidels, foreigners, or any deemed to be such, were eliminated or driven out.

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