The Humanitarian Hoax of Eternal Childhood: Killing America With Kindness 


The globalist elite have been trying to control America since Eisenhower warned the nation against the military/industrial complex. The Deep State is the intelligence arm of the globalist elite who are the industrial component of the military/industrial complex.

The globalist elite identified the essential difference between political ideologies: free market capitalism requires emotional growth and independence; collectivism requires eternal childhood and dependence. This was a political bonanza for the globalists and their tactical decision to collapse America from within using mass social engineering. The battle plan was to regress America's chronological adults to eternal childhood where they could be easily manipulated and controlled - it is revolution without bullets.

Regressed Americans could be seduced to willingly surrender their individual freedoms for free stuff, and the United States would finally collapse under globalist control. The globalists and their conspirators took direct aim at the three supporting pillars of American greatness and our constitutional republic: faith, flag, and family.

It took 60 years to undermine our traditional American values and make collectivism/socialism/communism fashionable. The 2020 Democrat candidate parade demonstrates the success of the globalist effort. How did they do it?

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